Free Plants from Softwood Cuttings 9 TIPS

In this video i’m showing you how to take cuttings and prepare them for rooting to turn them into free plants. 9 TIPS included. Softwood cuttings can be taken in late spring and early summer, but this method can also work for semi-hard and hardwood.

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2 thoughts on “Free Plants from Softwood Cuttings 9 TIPS

  1. Just out of interest, I used ground turmeric last year to root a whole load of fuchsia cuttings and it was very successful. I used the turmeric powder in the same way you would use hormone rooting powder. For a comparison I also used hormone rooting powder in the traditional way, and willow twigs together together with fuchsia cuttings in some water. The turmeric was streets ahead of the other two methods (although the willow produced loads of roots!) As for rooting currants, I agree with you that they root very easily with no fuss and bother.

    1. Thanks for your comment! That’s great to know about tumeric. I rooted a batch of fuchsia last year and they grew fine without any extra help. I will be potting them up now soon. In my experience a lot of plants will root easily and without the use of rooting hormone. For example, Goji, roses, mallows, figs and even lavender.

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