Final Chicken Move and Pizza & Bumblebee Garden Update

Last night we moved our chickens along with their coops and the electric fence. This time the chicken tractor has reached it’s final destination and we will be mulching the pen with 30cm of woodchips once they have cleared the grass. This system will produce compost and provide clean bedding for the chickens. In this video we will also show you our Pizza garden and the Bumblebee garden after they have been replenished and planted up for this growing season. Apologies we haven’t been putting out as much content lately, this is mostly due to our time and efforts going into fighting off a major wind turbine development (150 meter high) being built very very near our house and the neighboring houses. This will destroy all the biodiversity and bird population we have been working so hard to build up over the years. Not mention our own personal health and not being able to sleep at night in our own family homes. I’ve linked to a group online petition below. We would appreciate your support very much in this! We will be working on more gardening content in the coming weeks and months as we have a lot of interesting things to show you!

Group online petition link