Farm & Market Garden Tour – The Bullaun Ark

We made a video tour of the Bullaun Ark in county Galway, a small scale farm and market garden ran by Charles & Shannon. Amazing place and very knowledgeable people putting all sorts of new and old innovations in growing food to the test here in the west of Ireland. Everything is done by hand using regenerative agricultural methods. They use a mix of no-dig, companion planting, crop rotation, Korean natural farming and a little square-foot-gardening. They NEVER use chemical fertilisers, weed killers or pesticides.

The Bullaun Ark specializes in growing exciting and often forgotten crops no longer available in shops. We had the pleasure of sampling a diverse palate of flavours from ancient vegetables to exotic leaves and edible flowers. We swapped some plants and learnt a lot about new foods to grow and gardening methods to use. A place full of ideas put into practice well worth documenting and revisiting for an update to follow progress. If you are based near Loughrea in county Galway, Ireland please visit their facebook page and simply send them a message to sign up for the beautiful, nutritious veg boxes.

The Bullaun Ark PAGE

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We have another LIVE stream coming up on Sunday the 20th at 6pm. This weeks topic is growing, harvesting, storing & cooking ancient edible tubers beyond the potato.