Everything is Frozen Solid! (Walk around the Garden)

So now we know what temperatures we would have without our reliable south westerly winds bringing up mild oceanic air & rain from the tropics. The Romans didn’t call Ireland ‘Hibernia’ for no reason, it means land of winter, perhaps the gulf stream wasn’t lending warmth to Ireland just over 2000 years ago.

First the winter fooled us with it’s long mild beginning and then it somewhat suddenly hit us, although with a weeks notice. We prepared quite well, but i feel we can do better next time. It’s been a long cold week and everything in the garden is frozen solid, even the ground itself. In this video we’ll be taking a walk around the gardens in mid winter after a week of near record lows. I’ll be showing the affects of the winter on our crops and reveal plans for Spring projects. Whilst it’s getting warmer again, we’ll be preparing for another cold spell just in case one comes in the new year. The winter isn’t over yet.

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