Making Country Wine (Elderflower)

This June we made a batch of elderflower wine. Here are basic instructions, a recipe and pictures on how to make it yourself at home. These instructions can easily be adapted to using berries or fruit to make different country wines.

You can either use fresh flowers in May and June from the European elder or dried ones year around.
American elder flowers throughout the growing season and it has a vanilla note which makes it very suitable for wine making.


Recipe per gallon (4.5 liters or 6 bottles):

5 liters of good quality water (spring or well)
1 pint of elderflowers without stems
3 lemons – juice and zest (organic for zest)
1 kg of sugar
1 tea spoon (5 grams) of brewing yeast (sufficient for up to 6 gallons)
1 tea spoon (5 grams) of nutrient salt for the yeast

Basic instructions:

  1. Gather the elderflowers and remove stems.
  2. Zest lemons.
  3. Pour flowers, zest and sugar into brewing container.
  4. Pour several liters of hot water on ingredients and stir until all sugar is dissolved.
  5. Add cold water to make up the correct quantity minus one pint.
  6. Pour yeast and nutrient salt into a pint of warm water (30C) and DO NOT stir.
  7. After 10 minutes stir yeast/salt solution into main brewing vessel.
  8. Sealing vessel and add airlock.
  9. Stir daily for 3-7 days and after this period sieve content.
  10. Pour back into brewing vessel and ferment in a warm place (16-24C) for approximately 3-4 weeks.
  11. Wrack / siphon carefully into another vessel without disturbing sediment.
  12. Sterilize bottles and corks or caps using boiling water.
  13. Fill bottles with finished wine using either a sterilized jar or hose.
  14. Label bottles.
  15. Enjoy – extra flavor develops with time.


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