Apios – Ground Nut (Sold out)

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Apios americana was also known as travelers delight and groundnut. It’s a perennial plant with tubers growing underground linked like sausage chain. It’s a climber with beautiful pink and purple flowers. We have achieved much better yields by growing them indoors in a greenhouse.

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In cold temperate climates the stems and foliage dies back completely in the winter once temperatures below frost are reached. All it’s energy is stored safely underground in the tubers until it gets warmer again in spring time. If planted in a well mulched garden it doesn’t need to be taken up for the winter and stored indoors, as the mulch will protect the tubers from the frost. They can also be stored in a well ventilated open container filled with potting compost or peat to keep the air off the tubers. The tubers also be process into a well known Yacon syrup for sweetening deserts or tea. Each of the growing tips can grow into one large that will give you a few edible tubers and some growing tips or starts.