Our names are Martin and Bianca and we are based in Roscommon, Ireland. We come from an IT and architectural background, gardening and music are our passions. Our goal is to transitioning from a consumer lifestyle to a producer lifestyle. We kept gardening on the side and ambitiously increasing our knowledge on plants and methods over the years.

We have always appreciated eating from the culinary delights of the garden not only for the flavor, but also for the health benefits.Our aim is to help encourage people to set up their own gardens and making it as easy as possible by providing information, classes, courses and plants. Please feel free to sign up to our email list to receive an occasional update and lots of free information based on our gardening experience.

The primary objective of Gardens for Life is about researching and implementing methods of gardening mimicking natural systems closely to reduce maintenance to near zero whilst achieving an abundance of produce. One of the main benefits of a garden can be a better quality of life by providing exercise and relaxation. This can help reduce stress and leads to having more energy overall. A high degree of biodiversity of plants, animals and insects can turn a garden into a natural habitat. This helps to reduce pests and increase fertility without the use of chemicals. It also promotes healthy and rapid growth of cultivated plants.

A garden can save money and reduce carbon by harvesting truly locally grown fruits, vegetables and herbs harvested in season and directly from the garden. Consuming them immediately for the most nutritional benefit and natural flavor often never experienced before. Creating a connection with the land is important and in particular teaching children where food comes from is an important aspect of having a garden. Also it teaches an important principle of effort and reward, aka planting and harvesting. A garden can readily supply natural medicine and medicinal herbs such as Chamomile and Echinacea to reduce symptoms and cure a flu by boosting immune function.

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