5 Reasons To Go No Dig in Your Garden

Conventional gardening methods involve backbreaking work including digging and weeding generally resulting in an endless cycle of poor to average yields, stressed plants and an off-putting amount of maintenance to keep the garden somewhat productive. This is mainly because soil disturbance interrupts the life cycles of the soil life and exposing it to UV light killing billions of microbes, not to mention destroying the soil structure that took 100’s of years to establish mainly by earthworms and tap-rooted plants. All of this isn’t going to sound encouraging particularly to beginners as lots of work often results in poor yields.

It doesn’t have to be that way – Welcome to No Dig! You can’t force nature, just work with it instead and follow simple natural principles to achieve near zero maintenance and exponential biodiversity. Here’s a video of our 5 Reasons To Go No Dig in Your Garden.

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