2021 a New Year of Abundance – Plans and Thoughts

Happy Christmas everybody and an abundant new 2021 growing season! As the year is coming to an end gardens are winding down, even the hardier plants and the soil life are finally taking a well deserved rest. The wheel of life is already being brought into motion again slowly but surely with days getting longer and Spring fast approaching. We want to use these cold and dark months to get ahead and prepare for the new growing season. In this video i talk about some of our plans, ideas and thoughts of how we are going make the most of the upcoming year.

We are always investing in and expanding our existing gardens and nursery spaces, as well as biodiversity. We would like to say thanks very much for all of your support over the years. We appreciate it a lot! As a small token of our gratitude we are giving you 10% off everything on our website and we’ll be sending out a little surprise gift with every order placed between now and the 3rd of January 2021. Use coupon code: abundance2021 . All the best and enjoy the holiday season!