Barter with Us

We’re always looking for plants, seeds or cuttings and we’re happy to barter or exchange for items of similar value on our SHOP either in person or via post. Simply CONTACT US if you have any of the following or just let us know what you’ve got.

Sweet Chestnut seeds from Ireland or the UK
Ginkgo Biloba seeds
Fig tree cuttings (any variety)
Softfruit cuttings – Currants, Jostaberry
Fruit trees and Fruit bushes of any sort
Apios tubers
Ullucus tubers
Hydrangea Vanilla Fraise
Californian Lilac

We will keep adding to the list

2 thoughts on “Barter with Us

  1. I have sweet chestnut seeds I collected from Howth, Co. Dublin. I also have a few perennial kale cuttings (been put in pots to root for about a month) if you are interested. I am interested either in Yacon tubers or in root cuttings of that mint / lemon balm hybrid you had advertised earlier in the year

    1. Hi Robert, Thanks for your offer. Sweet chestnut seeds would be nice. We’ve got some varieties of perennial kale, but biodiversity is everything. 😀 No bother I can email you our details and you can reply with yours, and we’ll do a swap. We use nightline / parcelmotel inside of ireland.

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