In this course you will learn how to build self-reliance and a degree of self-sufficiency. We cover the basics on growing & preserving food, chicken keeping, herbal remedies and home brewing. All in person at Birdland Homestead near Roscommon town. Suitable for Beginners & Advanced

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  • Growing Food using No Dig Gardening
  • Food Preserving – Canning, Storing and Cheese Waxing
  • Keeping Chickens for Egg Production
  • Home & Herbal Remedies
  • Home Brewing – Beer, Cider & Country Wines

Workshops included:
1. Growing Food using No Dig Gardening
Growing food is easier than you may think and we’ll teach you the basics on how to get started using a simple technique called no dig. This brings the joy back into gardening by reducing maintenance whilst making the garden highly productive. Fresh homegrown produce is more flavorsome, healthier and satisfying. Don’t worry if you don’t have access to a garden, you can get started and practice with container gardening.

2. Food Preserving – Canning, Storing and Cheese Waxing
Preserving food is an almost forgotten skill enabling you to build your self-reliance during times of plenty whether you produced it yourself or buy it in a shop. We’ll be showing you the basics of techniques such as water bath canning, pressure canning, dehydrating, freezing, storing, cheese waxing and glassing eggs.

3. Keeping Chickens for Egg Production
Chickens are an easy entry level to producing protein in your own backyard. They’re a joy to keep and take very little daily maintenance in return for top quality truly fresh and healthy eggs you simply cannot avail of in the shops.

4. Home & Herbal Remedies
Herbal remedies have often been handed down throughout the generations and are very well documented in accredited books. We will show you the basics of various techniques we use to turn garden and hedgerow harvests into infusions, tinctures, oils, balms and creams.

5. Home Brewing – Beer, Cider & Country Wines
Making your own fresh beverages simply doesn’t compare to mass-produced products. The quality of the ingredients and therefor the flavour is far superior whether your brew is made from a ready made kit or from scratch with basic ingredients. Plus it saves money and you can truly recycle the bottles by reusing them.


Vanessa & Mike – Thanks Martin and Bianca for a great afternoon. Very informative and welcoming as usual. We have enjoyed all your workshops.

Orla – Thanks Martin and Bianca! It was a great day and loved the range of topics, that way you cover some of what people are already interested in and surely introduce something new too.

Geraldine – Thanks so much for such a wonderful, informative and inspiring workshop last Sunday. We have been growing etc for more than 20 years but there is always something new to learn and I took away loads of new info to get my teeth into!

Margarets Kitchen – Outstanding altogether. So inspiring. Very well done Martin and Bianca. 👏

Grainne said: Had an amazing afternoon in Martin’s and Bianca’s gardens. Martin shared his vast knowledge of plants, trees, shrubs and gardening experience with all of us in such a pleasant manner. Martin was willing to answer all our questions. We all came home with plants, cuttings and the know how of how to start a No Dig garden. I will definitely be back.

Kieran said: I had so much fun on Gardens For Life Walk’n Talk and learned so much about no dig gardening. Martin has a wealth of knowledge and is so generous with sharing it. Both Martin and Bianca are so welcoming and their enthusiasm for no dig is infectious!

Marian said: What a great workshop! Plenty of hands-on learning about propagation and growing seeds. There is so much to see around you too – so many different plants! Martin is very knowledgeable; you learn about far more than the original topic. Martin and Bianca (and Jacob) are really welcoming . Thanks for a great day!

Sasha said: It’s always a pleasure to connect with Gardens For Life whether buying online, taking part in a seed swap or attending workshops. Martin and Bianca offer a wealth of no dig knowledge and an abundance of great quality cuttings, plants and seeds. Their enthusiasm, generosity and ‘keep it simple’ approach inspires me to experiment outside my comfort zone. I also appreciate the community being created around self sufficiency and growing food, not lawns!”

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1x Ticket Sunday 21st of July 2024 12pm-3pm, 2x Tickets Sunday the 21st of July 2024 12pm-3pm