There are many wonderful and flavoursome varieties of mint from around the world used for tea, scent, in cooking and even for wine making. Most of them are best grown in a container as they can spread. In our perennial gardens we plant mint among other plants that contain it. Other varieties such as Ice Tea and Egyptian mint are clumping.

Vigorous rhizomes (Root cuttings) are freshly harvested on the day of packing and posted unwashed for extra preservation. Each variety comes as 5 rhizomes (root/stem cuttings) and are about 5cm long on average. These can be planted in a pot or into the garden directly any time of the year.

Moroccan mint is the king of mints widely known for it’s superior flavor similar to chocolate mint.
Basil Mint has a rare and unique flavour. A nice addition in salads and eaten as is. It could also be used in tea.
Apple mint has the best texture as an addition to salads.
Pepper mint is traditionally known as a cooling herb reducing fevers and it has many health benefits along with a great flavor for tea.
Spear mint is famous for it’s flavor and is often added to chewing gum. It also makes for a nice cup of tea on those cold winter days, or a refreshing drink on ice in the summer.
Ice Tea is a cross between lemon balm and mint. It has a potent fresh smell of lemons and great flavor especially in teas. It’s a medicinal and culinary plant, as well as useful to deter insects in the summer.
Pineapple mint is a wonderfully decorative plant as well as having a unique smell and flavor especially in teas. It really does smell like pineapple!


Mint Mega Mix 8 Random Varieties, Pepper Mint, Swiss Pepper Mint, Pineapple Mint, Ice Tea Mint, Spear Mint, Moroccan Mint, Apple Mint, Grapefruit Mint, Banana Mint, Eau de Cologne Mint, Ginger Mint, Strawberry Mint, Egyptian Mint, Chocolate Mint, Israelian Mint