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Can be used for hedging, windbreaks, biomass and firewood. Extra quick growing Poplar species reaching up to 12 feet / 3.6m in just one year when mulched or planted into a lasagne garden. Don’t let freshly planted cuttings dry out in the first growing season. Cuttings are about 25cm / 9″ long and about pencil thickness. Please note we are only offering a limited number of these this Winter. In another year we will have more and we will be in a position to offer larger quantities at better value.

Poplars are ornamental yet useful in many ways. Poplar cuttings can be planted by simply sticking them into the ground and there’s no need to dig a hole for planting. Poplar cuttings root vigorously and grow very quickly.

Willow cuttings also available


5x Cuttings, 10x + 3 Free Cuttings, 20x + 10 Free Cuttings, 40x + 25 Free Cuttings, 5x Extra Thick Cuttings, 10x + 2 Free Extra Thick Cuttings