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Can be used for bee friendly hedging, living willow structures, windbreaks, biomass production, livestock food and even firewood. Excellent for quick shelterbelt establishment for privacy and to block wind. Extra quick growing willow species reaching up to 12 feet / 3.6m in just one year when mulched. Cuttings are 30cm / 1 foot long and pencil thickness.

Willows are ornamental yet useful in many ways. Willow cuttings can be planted by simply sticking them into the ground, no need to dig a hole for planting. They do very well in wet conditions, even in waterlogged soil. They root vigorously and grow very quickly. Willows provide food for the bees in early spring year after year. We like planting them along edges of the garden as windbreak. Don’t let freshly planted cuttings dry out in the first growing season (only of concern during major drought). We like to plant them a foot / 30cm apart for hedging or 6 inches / 15cm for willow structures such as arches.

    • Living willow structures
    • Easy planting
    • Windbreak
    • Food for Bees
    • Ornamental
    • Grow quickly
    • Animal food
    • Ideal for climbing roses, kiwis and grapes

Ideal for living willow structures like arches, fences, igloos and tunnels. These are great for kids and always an interesting attraction for visitors to your garden. Because it’s alive and growing it will keep virtually forever and doesn’t require painting, just a little trimming once a year. Simply plant the cuttings where you want your structure and weave the top together once they have grown tall enough. See Videos above!

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