No Dig Gardening Workshops

The next No Dig Workshop is coming up soon. The price is 69euro per person or 99euro for 2 people. This includes 4 potted plants of your choice to the value of €32 (per person). More details and previous attendee reviews below.

Coming up soon!
Please CONTACT US if you’re interested in this course and we will try to schedule it to accommodate you.

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In this workshop you will learn a full range of aspects of starting and maintaining a no dig garden. It is suitable for beginners and advanced gardeners alike. We will show you methods and techniques including results based on our years of experience in gardening. This can typically take around 2 hours and questions are encouraged.

You will receive samples of what’s growing in the gardens during the workshop and at the end you can pick 4 potted plants (per person) of your choice. These are included in the price. Please note that there are no toilet facilities onsite and that available spaces are limited for each workshop as we keep the numbers low to create a higher quality learning experience. After you sign up for a Workshop or a Walk’n Talk you receive an email within 24 hours with further details.

Location: Close to Knockcroghery co. Roscommon, Ireland

1. Overview & Why No Dig
2. Planning & Observation
3. Preparation
4. Installation
5. Maintenance

1. Overview & Why No Dig
1.1 – What is No Dig Gardening?
1.2 – Advantages of No Dig
Soil Structure – Worms Channels & Tap Root Wells
Healthy Soil Life – Bacteria, Fungi, Microbials & Insects
Stored Fertility
Stored Water
95% Less Weeding
More Time for Planting & Harvesting

2. Planning & Observation
2.1 – Planning – Why Bother?
2.2 – Access
2.3 – Solar Orientation
2.4 – Wind
2.5 – What You Want to Achieve?
Grow Food
Medicinal Plants
Wild Life Garden
2.6 – What Plants to Grow?

3. Preparation
3.1 – Gathering Materials – Compost, Cardboard, Plastic, Woodchips, Amendments & Plants
3.2 – Layout – Paths and Grow Space
3.3 – Smothering Existing Vegetation in Advance

4. Installation
4.1 – Smothering Existing Vegetation on the Day
4.2 – Compost
4.3 – Paths – Main and Side
4.4 – Planting

5. Maintenance
5.1 – Weeding
5.2 – Adding Fertility
5.3 – Harvesting
Next Level is Forest / Lasagne Gardening…

Previous Attendee Reviews:

Grainne said: Had an amazing afternoon with ‘Walk n Talk’ in Martin’s and Bianca’s gardens.. Martin shared his vast knowledge of plants, trees, shrubs and gardening experience with all of us in such a pleasant manner.. we even got to taste plants as we progressed into the tour.. Martin was willing to answer all our questions.. we all came home with plants, cuttings and the know how of how to start a No Dig garden. I will definitely be back.

Kieran said: I had so much fun on Gardens For Life Walk’n Talk talk and learned so much about no dig gardening. Martin has a wealth of knowledge and is so generous with sharing it. Both Martin and Bianca are so welcoming and their enthusiasm for no dig is infectious!

Marian said: What a great workshop! Plenty of hands-on learning about propagation and growing seeds. There is so much to see around you too – so many different plants! Martin is very knowledgeable; you learn about far more than the original topic. Martin and Bianca (and Jacob) are really welcoming . Thanks for a great day!