Elephant Garlic (Sold out)

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Elephant Garlic tastes just like regular garlic although milder and it looks like garlic, but it’s actually in the leek family. Very easy vegetable to grow and harvest. Once cured and dried it can be stored for up to 1 year. Autumn planting is essential for the frost to split the bulb into individual cloves. Please note that a clove will produce a full bulb of 5-6 individual cloves per plant and a corm will only produce 1 large clove in the first year.

Elephant Garlic 5 Cloves SOLD OUT
Elephant Garlic 10 Cloves + 2 FREE SOLD OUT
Elephant Garlic 20 Cloves + 5 FREE SOLD OUT
Elephant Garlic 20 Corms SOLD OUT
Elephant Garlic 40 Corms + 10 Free SOLD OUT

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