Useful Plants Series

Useful Plants Series – Borage

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Borago officinalis Borage is also known as star flower because of it’s 5 petaled blue flower (also white) and it an extremely vigorous plant once it takes off. The insects and bees are drawn to it like no other flower in the garden steadily increasing biodiversity. Both the leafs and flower are of medicinal benefit […]


Repotting Plants and Mulching Potted Plants – Video

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(Scroll down for video) The importance of repotting plants: Give plants room to expand their roots and grow Prevent them from becoming pot bound (circling and entangled roots) Fresh soil and nutrients for plant vitality A bigger pot holds more soil – more soil holds more water – less frequent watering required   Mulching (for […]

Mini Projects

The famous anti slug table – Video

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This spring we’ve built an anti slug table in our nursery. The idea is to keep moving young plants out of the green house once germinated from seed. Typically they will be eaten by the local slugs quite quickly, unless put up onto the anti slug table. It provides both spacial protection by being high […]